The A-Z’s of THC: Facts About Recreational Cannabis

By Paul P.

The cannabis industry is now at its peak, thanks to the growing support for the legalization of marijuana in the past few years.

Because many see a window of opportunity in pushing for the legalization of cannabis in most states as a therapeutic herb, most turn their focus on CBD – cannabidiol – the cannabinoid responsible for the curative effects of cannabis. While many see and brand CBD as the positive side of consuming cannabis, one cannot deny that the other potent cannabinoid, THC, also yields positive results like its remedial counterpart.

In this article, we’ll delve into what makes THC more than just a recreational dimension to cannabis consumption. Here are some fun facts about THC.


THC Also Has Medicinal Properties

That’s right, getting you high isn’t all what THC is good for. THC can alleviate pain and nausea amongst the many health concerns it can address. THC can also be used to treat anxiety and depression since it can repress or alter a person’s state of mind and is primarily known for its psychoactive benefits. The effects of THC may vary from person to person depending on their tolerance and the potency of cannabinoids found in the material they’re consuming.

Cannabis consumers may experience a mild feeling of euphoria allowing one to relax and calm their nerves. From this mellow and affable effect, one may find that consuming cannabis strains that are high in THC may lead to the intensification of sensory experiences. These upshots may be experienced anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your capability to tolerate the effects of THC. One of the common results of high THC cannabis consumption is getting the munchies, the intensification of one’s appetite, that’s why high THC cannabis strains are also used to treat patients who have eating disorders and recently, patients who are experience weight loss as well as nausea and vomiting while undergoing chemotherapy and those with HIV/AIDS.


It Can Be Consumed In Many Ways

Cannabis can be consumed through various means, one of the most popular ways of cannabis use is by smoking it. Like cigarette tobacco, one can simply roll up a joint or pack a bowl of cannabis and just smoke it like you would your normal cigarette. Another popular method of ingesting high THC cannabis strains is through vaporization though unlike smoking, vaping heats up cannabis without getting to the point of combustion. This means that you can experience the same benefits without the risks of lung-related health concerns. One of the more popular vaporizers on the market today is the famed Dr. Dabber Switch, the Switch is dubbed world’s first induction powered vaporizer and beats every vaporizer in the industry by a mile.

Apart from smoking and vaping, cannabis can also be taken as edibles which are mostly baked goods though they also come in drinks which come in different doses of THC. Some of the most popular edible variants are space cakes, hash cookies, and pot brownies. A popular cannabis-infused drink is the “lassi,” a yogurt-based Indian drink that is oftentimes mixed with “bhang” — a liquid by-product of cannabis. The lassi is considered a traditional beverage and is closely linked with their spiritual and religious beliefs. Aside from food, edibles also come in oils and the all-popular canna-butter.

Smoking and vaping are still the most preferred high THC cannabis strain ingestion method by both medicating consumers and recreational users because it allows you to almost immediately experience the effects of THC. As cannabis smoke and vapor is inhaled, the THC compounds are sent directly to the lungs and into the bloodstream while the effect of THC when consuming edibles may take longer. Also, people who would like to be discreet about cannabis consumption would prefer edibles over smoking or vaping.


It Comes In Different Forms

Like most cannabis products, high THC strains also come in various forms. One of the most popular forms of high THC cannabis strains are concentrates. Concentrates have subcategories and some of the more popular ones are ear waxes, shatters, and budders. These materials are widely known for their potency, that’s why even medicating patients use wax concentrates because they yield faster results compared to dry herb consumption, even by smoking and vaping standards. Like it’s rudimentary, plant matter counterpart, this cannabis by-product can also be smoked or vaporized. Amongst the popular methods are using dab rigs that’s why people constantly search for new Wax Vaporizers For Sale when using wax concentrates.


THC Is Good For The Brain 

Contrary to the common belief, high THC cannabis strains are actually good for your brain. Because cannabis and THC are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, THC and cannabis can be considered as neuroprotectants. THC will protect your brain from oxidative stress, swelling, and other harmful conditions brought about by inflammation.


THC Is Good For The Eyes 

THC is also used to treat glaucoma patients. Glaucoma is considered one of the first medical conditions that received approval for medical cannabis treatment. Because THC has the capability to lower fluid pressure in the eyes, it’s believed as one of the most effective natural remedies. By reducing intraocular pressure, patients experience the benefits of THC as it reduces nerve damage in their eyes.


A Friendly Familiar 

Believe it or not, cannabinoids are a well-known compound that’s naturally produced by the human body. The human body is outfitted with a cannabinoid receptor so you can say that we’re hard-wired for cannabis consumption, we’re simply designed to take in cannabis since THC when ingested, “activates pathways known as cannabis receptors.” Your body is equipped with an endocannabinoid system that’s spread through the parts of your body and are found mostly on the human brain. Since these receptors are in significant abundance in the human brain, it can easily alter how your brain functions which explain why THC has such extramundane effects.

This psychoactive high can be closely attributed to the release of dopamine which gives you that natural sense of euphoria.

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