Texas Rep. Kills Bills to Decriminalize Cannabis, Repeal Cannabis Prohibition

Texas State Representative Todd Hunter.
Texas State Representative Todd Hunter.

Despite being passed out of their initial committees with bipartisan support, Texas Representative Todd Hunter, Chairman of the House Calender Committee, has effectively killed a bill to decriminalize cannabis, and a bill to repeal cannabis prohibition, refusing to allow the full House of Representatives to debate and consider them.

House Bill 507 would have removed the possibility of jail time, or a criminal record, for the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis, reducing the penalty to a $250 fine. The bill was passed with a 4 to 2 vote by the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence. The same committee also gave approval, 5 to 2, to House Bill 2165, a proposal to completely repeal cannabis prohibition in the state.

Both bills were moved to the House Calendar Committee, where they awaited scheduling for a full House debate. However. Chairman Todd Hunter has refused to place the bills on the calender, and it is now too late to do so, making them effectively dead for the session.

Supporters of cannabis law reform in Texas should contact Representative Todd Hunter and let him know how they feel. His contact information – inducing phone number, e-mail address office address – can be found by clicking here.

As should be the case when contacting any elected official, those contacting Rep. Hunter should make sure to remain clear, concise and respectful.

Senate Bill 339, a proposal to legalize the medical use of low-THC cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy which passed the full Senate earlier this month, is the last cannabis-related bill still alive in the Texas Legislature, other than its companion measure House Bill 892.


9 thoughts on “Texas Rep. Kills Bills to Decriminalize Cannabis, Repeal Cannabis Prohibition”

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  2. Todd hunter cant believe you would allow the american citizens die because your pill sales will decline face facts youd make more money on cannibus and helping not making money and killing their will come a time in your life were it could have saved you but youll lay on tour death bed thinking about what youdid that you could have stoped it and healed your self .but instead you chose to deffened the pharmaceutical industry because you make mad money .hey wake up how about healthy non guilt money unlimited money look at ciggarets and alcohal all mad money weed would be the only thi g to cure heal and benifite positivly in this day and age stop the deaths legalize the real cure. Marry jane

  3. I have friends with cancer waiting and praying that texas was going to be in line with other states.we were so thrilled at the following and positive responce until a pea brain like you screws it up

  4. Mr. Todd Hunter, just because you have no clue about Cannabis Does not mean that there are not thousands off people that you represent that do I personally. Been knowing for almost 30 years, It’s the most valuable plant known ,get out of the path Mr. cause you look like someone is mining your pockets, nobody is that stupid anymore.

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