Tennessee Governor Says He’ll Sign Medical Cannabis Bill Into Law

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam says he will sign into law a proposal to legalize the possession and use of cannabismedcannabis extracts for the treatment of seizure disorders, and will do so as soon as the end of this week.

House Bill 0197 –  which was approved unanimously by the state’s House and Senate – will allow for the possession and use of low-THC (0.9% or less) cannabis extracts for the treatment of seizure disorders such as epilepsy, so long as the individual receives a recommendation from a physician.

A separate proposal to legalize the use of cannabis-based medicines for those with a wide-range of medical conditions was approved earlier this month with a unanimous vote by Tennessee’s House Health Subcommittee, though has yet to advance further.

The full text of HB 0197 can be found by clicking here.


6 thoughts on “Tennessee Governor Says He’ll Sign Medical Cannabis Bill Into Law”

  1. It would be best to legalize for “Medical Purposes” here in Tennessee. I was on the Medical Program in New Mexico and it helped with my Anxiety, COPD, and Chronic Pain. It is not only for Epilepsy. I feel this is unfair for thoae of ua who have theae problems. Maybe more studyingsshould be done on this in order to correctly pass a bill.

  2. This bill will help a TINY FRACTION of the people who could benefit. It’s a start….but it is sad that people have to be broken into groups of deserving and undeserving

  3. This is a garbage bill. The is required to treat epilepsy. .09 will treat a very small margin. Learn about THC-A TINCURES!! THE TREAT SEIZURE BETTER THAN CBD and can be made for any cannabis. CBD bills are meant as a farce to appease people who have no clue about this plant but scream for the kids. Cannabis cures cancer and multiple disease BUT only whole plant extract and synergistic action works which require whole plant therpies!!

  4. Thank you for this bill it will help so many people. Pot is good for so many illnesses can’t wait for it to be legal here. I tried it in Mich medical pot and it took the pain from my shingles. hated to leave there. If you have ever had shingles you know the pain I ‘m in constantly as for mine are recurring and almost never go awat again thank you and keep pushing for this wonderful cure

  5. That’s not the same as legalizing marijuana for cancer you through anything like that .9 is not strong enough for someone that is has cancer believe me my father went through the whole thing and I watched him smoke it every day of his life and I watch him be a happier person and .9% THC levels would’ve never done that my dad was 23 when he was told he had six months to live they gave him meds but he would rather smoke his weed meds just heard his stomach and ate his liver up and matter-of-fact killed him faster and sometimes made him a mean person but he would smoke a joint all of this pain would leave and he had colon cancer at that with the bag on the side so I seen firsthand what marijuana does for my whole life and I refuse to hear one person say one bad word about it I would like to see something saying something bad about it and to be factsbut there are no facts but I know for sure for a fact that it helps cancer patients anyone that is down about their life so y’all passing a bill for 9% THC level is bullshit


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