Tea Shop Sues Colorado City Over Recreational Cannabis Ban

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Tea Shop Sues Colorado City Over Recreational Cannabis Ban

Recently the city of Lafayette put a temporary ban on any cannabis related coffee_logo_smallbusiness, including those that allow the use of cannabis on site. This ban came as a response to Colorado residents passing Amendment 64, legalizing cannabis for adults, which will soon lead to legal retail outlets in the state.

Challenging the ban, claiming that it flouts state law allowing adults to possess and consume cannabis, The Front Tea and Art Shop, located in Lafayette, is suing the city. The shop doesn’t sell cannabis and makes sure to point out on their website that they aren’t a cannabis co-op, but the shop considers itself to be “cannabis friendly”, and wants to allow customers to consume cannabis on their premises.

The suit was filed in Boulder County District Court, and claims that the city is violating their property rights by not allowing them to allow individuals to consume cannabis; a solid argument.

With cities across the state considering similar bans, this case has the possibility of setting a legal precedent that could be used for years to come.

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