Take Advantage of Black Friday at VapePenSales.com

vapeBlack Friday is just around the corner, and people all across the country are preparing to get up early in the morning to brave huge crowds of people in order to snag a good deal. However, at VapePenSales.com, you can take advantage of Black Friday, and the amazing deals it brings, right from the comfort of your own home! Even better, you’re getting deals on high quality cannabis products!

VapePenSales.com, as part of their Black Friday specials, is offering a large amount of cannabis products on sale, particularly vape pens and vape pen accessories.

For example, the Lillian by Airistech, a well designed ceramic donut/disk wax vaping pen that features a durable glass mouthpiece and ceramic coil and chamber for a clean taste without any metallic or plastic contamination, is on sale for Black Friday for just $25.99, just almost 50% from its standard price of $49.99.

Another example of the excellent deals being offered is the B Pen Elips Style Vape Pen Kit, which features complete dual pens with un-screened coils, chargers, and all the accessories you need. Although this typically goes for $49.99 a month, it’s on sale for Black Friday for $29.99.

VapePenSales.com is also offering large discounts on vape pen accessories such as the EVO´╝ĄP Passthrough 650mah Battery, which is half off from $9.99, making it just $4.99.

Vape pen and accessories aren’t the only products on sale. In fact, you can get an incredibly durable 4″ Skeleton Glass pipe for just $15, down from $29.99. You can even find dab jars/containers 75% off, at just $2.49 (normally $9.99).

You can find a full list of the sales being offered for Black Friday by VapePenSales.com by visiting their website.

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