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Wisconsin Governor Signs Hemp Legalization Bill Into Law

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has signed an industrial hemp legalization bill into law. The legislation, introduced by Republican Representative Jesse Kremer, was passed unanimously by the Wisconsin House of Representatives and Senate, before being signed into law Thursday by Governor Walker. Under the proposed farmers who receive a license from the state would be legally …

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Wisconsin Senate Unanimously Approves Bill to Legalize Hemp

The Wisconsin Senate has unanimously approved a measure that would legalize the production and cultivation of industrial hemp. The Senate approved the hemp legalization measure with a vote of 33 to 0, sending it to the state’s Assembly. The Assembly is expected to pass the bill, which could happen as soon as today. If approved …

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Bill to Legalize Hemp Approved by Wisconsin Senate Committee

A key Senate committee in Wisconsin has given approval to legislation that would legalize industrial hemp. The Senate Agriculture Committee voted to approve the measure yesterday, sending it towards a vote in the full Senate. The proposal was passed unanimously, indicating widespread, bipartisan support. Under the proposed law, a system of state licenses would be …

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