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West Virginia Lawmaker Introduces Legislation to Legalize Marijuana and Hash

A proposal that would make marijuana and hash legal throughout West Virginia has been filed in the state’s legislature. House Bill 3035¬†was filed by Delegate Sean Hornbuckle (D). According to its summary, the purpose of this bill “is to legalize the manufacture, sale and possession of marijuana and establish a regulatory program for growing, selling …

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West Virginia House Gives Initial Approval to Medical Cannabis Legalization, Governor in Support

A bill to legalize medical marijuana was given initial approval today by the West Virginia House of Delegates. In a rare procedural move, the House of Delegates voted 54 to 40 today to bypass the committee process and bring Senate Bill 386 directly to the floor of the House. The vote comes just a day …

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Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuana Passed by Full West Virginia Senate

Medical marijuana would be legal under a bill approved today by West Virginia’s full Senate. Substitute Senate Bill 386 was passed through its third and final reading today with a 28 to 6 vote, sending it to the House of Representatives. Passage in the House would send it to Governor Jim Justice for consideration. The …

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