Study: Marijuana Reverses Aging Processes in the Brain

Although memory performance decreases with age, marijuana can reverse these aging processes in the brain. This is according to a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine.

In the study, old mice were able to regress to the state of two-month-old mice with a prolonged low-dose treatment with marijuana as its active ingredient. This has strong relevancy in the treatment of brain-related disorders such as dementia. The results are now presented in the journal Nature Medicine.

According to scientists at the University of Bonn and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, mice have a relatively short life expectancy in nature and display pronounced cognitive deficits even at twelve months of age. The researchers administered a small quantity of THC, the active ingredient in the hemp plant (cannabis), to mice aged two, twelve and 18 months over a period of four weeks.

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Top 10 Marijuana Studies So Far in 2017

We’re only three months into 2017, but it’s already been a great year for marijuana science.

Marijuana StudiesNumerous marijuana studies have been released so far this year; these studies are wide-ranging in the medical ailments cannabis is found to benefit, and in the positive effects brought forth by a liberalization of the laws surrounding it.. We’ve narrowed these studies down to the 10 most important, with a few honorable mentions.

Below is that list (in no particular order):

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