Colorado Senate Gives Approval to Bill Legalizing Marijuana Deliveries

Colorado’s Senate has voted in favor of a bill that would legalize marijuana deliveries, among some other changes.

The Senate approved Senate Bill 192 yesterday through its second reading, and today it was passed through its third and final reading. It will now be sent to the House of Representatives, where passage would send it to Governor John Hickenlooper.

According to its official summary; “The bill allows a medical marijuana center and a retail marijuana store to apply for an endorsement that allows the center or store to deliver marijuana. The centers and stores with the delivery endorsement may use an employee or contract with a medical or retail marijuana transporter to make the deliveries.” The endorsements for medical marijuana would begin January 2, 2018, and the endorsements for retail marijuana would begin January 2, 2019.

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Washington House Committee Passes Measure to Legalize Marijuana Deliveries

A House Committee in Washington State has voted with an overwhelming majority to legalize marijuana deliveries by licensed retail outlets.

Marijuana DeliveriesHouse Bill 1712, which was filed by Representative David Sawyer (D) with cosponsor Representative Cary Condotta (R), was given approval by the House Commerce & Gaming Committee last Thursday. The committee voted 8 to 2, with Representatives Andrew Barkis (R) and Bill Jenkin (R) casting the sole “No” votes; Representative Jess Young (R) voted to pass the measure but “without recommendation”.

According to its legislative digest, the proposal; “Creates a marijuana delivery endorsement to a marijuana retailer’s license that authorizes the holder to deliver marijuana products to a person who is at least twenty-one years old at a private residence, hotel, motel, boarding house, resort, hostel, trailer camp, or similar lodging business.”

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New Bipartisan Colorado Bill Would Legalize Marijuana Deliveries

New legislation in Colorado would legalize the delivery of marijuana by licensed businesses to anyone 21 and older.

Marijuana DeliveriesSenate Bill 192 would allow for medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational cannabis outlets to deliver marijuana to their customer’s homes, so long as they apply for and receive a delivery license from the state.

The measure was filed by Representative Jonathan Singer (D), and is cosponsored by Representative Jovan Melton (D) and Senator Tim Nelville (R). According to Singer, the measure is modeled after a law recently passed in Oregon that legalized cannabis deliveries.

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Marijuana Deliveries Now Legal in Oregon

It is now legal in Oregon for certain cannabis retail outlets to delivery to customer’s homes.

Marijuana DeliveriesThanks to rule changes made last year, which recently took effect, cannabis deliveries are now legal among cannabis retail outlets who have received a delivery permit from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. The commission has thus far granted 117 delivery permits, including 13 in Portland.

Those making deliveries must follow specific guidelines set fort by the commission. These include;

    • Delivers must be made between 8am and 9pm
    • All cannabis and cannabis products must be transported in a locked box that’s secured to the delivery vehicle
    • Deliveries can only be made within the city the cannabis outlet is licensed in

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