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WA: Over 5.3 Million Pounds of Legal Cannabis Sold in July

In July alone there was 5.3 million pounds of legal cannabis sold in Washington State, according to data released by the Liquor and Cannabis Board. These sales resulted in roughly $20 million in taxes. In addition to the 5.3 million pounds of “usable” cannabis sold, there was 485,000 units of cannabis extracts sold, 285,000 units …

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$3.8 Million of Legal Cannabis Sold Each Day in Washington State

According to new data released by Washington State’s Liquor and Cannabis Board, there is $3.8 million in legal cannabis sold each day, resulting in approximately $700,000 in daily tax revenue. For fiscal year 2016, which ended on July 1st, there was just shy of $1 billion sold ($972 million). From this, the state garnered $185 …

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Washington State Garners $16 Million in Taxes from Legal Cannabis in 2014

With less than 100 stores operating throughout the state, and despite sales not taking starting until July, Washington State garnered over $16 million in excise taxes from over $64 million in cannabis sold in 2014, according to recent figures released by the state’s Liquor Control Board. In total, 99 cannabis retail outlets have been licensed …

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