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WA Measure Allowing Medical Cannabis on School Grounds Passes Senate Committee, Already Passed House

Legislation that would require school districts to allow students who are medical cannabis patients to be administered their medicine on school grounds has advanced in Washington’s Legislature. House Bill 1060 was given approval yesterday by the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee. Earlier this month the proposal passed the full House of Representatives with …

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Legislation Allowing Medical Cannabis on School Grounds Passes WA House

A legislative proposal that would allow patients to be administered medical cannabis while on school grounds has passed Washington State’s full House of Representatives. House Bill 1060 was passed earlier today with a 78 to 19 vote, with one member of the House absent. The proposal now moves to the Senate, where its passage would …

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WA Bill to Allow Medical Cannabis On School Grounds Passes Second Committee With 26 to 6 Vote

A Washington measure that would allow the administration of medical cannabis on school grounds has been approved by its second House committee. The House Appropriations Committee gave approval to House Bill 1060 on Friday with a 26 to 6 vote (with 1 voting to pass but without recommendation). The vote comes 18 days after the …

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Washington Measure Allowing Medical Marijuana at School Passes House Committee with 13 to 3 Vote

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Legislation to allow medical marijuana to be administered on school grounds has been passed by its first committee in Washington. The state’s House Health Care and Wellness Committee passed House Bill 1060 with a 13 to 3 vote.The measure would allow medical cannabis products to be administered on school grounds to qualified patients. School grounds …

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