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Bill to Reduce Marijuana Possession Penalty and Allow Marijuana Exungements Passed by Virginia Subcommittee

A House of Representatives Subcommittee in Virginia has passed legislation that would reduce the penalty for first time marijuana possession charges. The proposal – Senate Bill 954 – would reduce “the penalties for possession of marijuana to a fine of not more than $500”, and would allow for such charges to be expunged (removed) from criminal …

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Virginia Senate Passes Bill to Reduce Marijuana Possession Penalty, Allow Marijuana Expungements

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Legislation that would reduce the penalty for, and allow for the expungement of, first time marijuana possession charges has been passed by Virginia’s full Senate. The Senate voted 38 to 2 today to pass Senate Bill 954, which was filed by Senator Tommy Norment (R). The measure “Reduces the penalties for possession of marijuana to a fine of …

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Virginia: New Bipartisan Bill Would Decriminalize Marijuana Possession, Reduce Penalty for Distribution

A bipartisan group of state legislators in Virginia have filed a measure that would decriminalize marijuana possession, and reduce the penalty for distributing up to half a pound. According to its official summary, House Bill 1063 “Decriminalizes marijuana possession and provides a civil penalty of no more than $250 for a first violation and $1,000 for …

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Virginia Senate Majority Leader Working on Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana

One of Virginia’s top lawmakers is currently working on legislation that would decriminalize marijuana throughout the state. Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, a Republican, says he’s in the process of drafting a bill that would remove the possibility of jail time for those caught possessing marijuana. The measure is likely to effect those caught possessing …

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Virginia Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Pharmacy Distribution of CBD and THC-A Oil

Legislation legalizing the production and distribution of CBD and THC-A oil has been signed by Governor Terry McAuliffe. Senate Bill 1027 was signed into law by Governor McAuliffe on Thursday. His signatures comes after a unanimous vote in the state’s Senate and House of Representatives (137 to 0). Senate Bill 1027 “Authorizes a pharmaceutical processor, …

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Virginia Bill to End Driver’s License Suspensions for Marijuana Possession Passes Full Legislature

Virginia’s full legislature has passed a measure that would end driver’s license suspensions for simple marijuana possession. Senate Bill 1091 was given approval by the Senate with a 38 to 2 vote, and was quickly passed by the House of Representatives with a rare unanimous vote (95 to 0). The measure now goes to Governor …

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Virginia Bill to Allow Expungement of Cannabis Convictions for those Under 21 Coming Soon

Republican State Senator Ruan McDougle, Chairman of Virginia’s Republican Caucus, has announced that he will soon introduce a bill to allow those under 21 to have cannabis convictions expunged (removed) from their records. According to McDougle, the expungement proposal will be one of several criminal justice reform measures that will be introduced in the upcoming …

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Virginia Legislature Approves Bill to Legalize Medical Use of Cannabis Extracts

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Virginia’s Legislature has given approval to House Bill 1445, a proposal that legalizes the use of cannabis extracts (such as oils and tinctures) for the treatment of epilepsy. The measure was approved unanimously by the state’s House of Representatives, and 37 to 1 by the state’s Senate. The proposal will now go to Governor Terry …

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Virginia Lawmakers to Consider Decriminalizing Cannabis Next Month

By Robert Capecchi, Deputy Director of State Policies, Marijuana Policy Project When the Virginia Legislature convenes in January, a bill to stop criminalizing those who simply possess marijuana will be awaiting consideration. Today, an individual convicted of marijuana possession in Virginia can be thrown in jail for up to thirty days, fined up to $500, …

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