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What’s Your Favorite Way to Consume Marijuana? [Poll]

Everyone has their favorite way to consume marijuana; what is yours? From the traditional pipe, to the more recently popular dabs from an oil rig; there’s a lot of ways to consume cannabis. And, like many other things in this world, everyone has their favorite; and some feel so strongly about their favorite they will …

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Study: Use of Pipes Most Common Consumption Method Among Cannabis Consumers

A new study published online ahead of print in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine details what the most common consumption methods are among current cannabis consumers, finding that the use of pipes is the most common, followed closely (as in only a 0.3% difference) by the use of joints. For the study, researchers from …

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The 3 Best Marijuana Vaporizers

By VaporizerChief.com The marijuana industry is continuing to explode as more and more states turn to either de-criminalization or legalization. With the people continuing to push to gain back their freedom of choice, the marijuana movement is becoming an important topic in the health industry. Cannabis is now becoming known for its help in the …

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