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How to Pass a THC Test

By Green Gone LLC What makes detoxing from marijuana so hard? There are 3 major issues with most detox products attempting to remove cannabis from your system: High lipophilicity of metabolites – Simply put, THC is fat soluble and the metabolites tend to get stuck in fat cells as a result. High protein binding of …

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How Long Does THC Stay In Your Body?

By Robert Bergman, ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com Drug tests vary quite a bit, so this article is meant to provide you with general guidelines rather than all-inclusive facts, so please take the information with a grain of salt. Most people want to know exactly how long marijuana stays in your system so that you can effectively pass a …

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How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

By Robert Bergman, ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com Because marijuana is not yet treated like other legal drugs, workers need to be constantly worried about whether or not they will be denied employment because they didn’t ‘pass’ a marijuana drug test. This is especially true if you use marijuana for its medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana patients will need to have a prescription …

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