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Nebraska Senate Votes 44 to 2 to Study Cannabis Oil


A legislative proposal that would commission the University of Nebraska to study the effectiveness of low-THC cannabis oil in the treatment of seizure disorders has passed Nebraska’s full Senate with a 44 to 2 vote. “LB 390 creates the Medical Cannabidiol Pilot Study within the University of Nebraska Medical Center for patients who suffer from …

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Hemp Bill Signed Into Law by Nebraska Governor

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman has signed Legislative Bill 1001, a proposal to legalize the cultivation of hemp for research purposes, into law. The measure takes immediate effect. Under the new law, the University of Nebraska and the state’s Department of Agriculture can now legally cultivate hemp for research purposes. Given the federal government recently legalized hemp research in states that …

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Nebraska Legislature Passes Hemp Bill, Heads to Governor

Nebraska’s Legislature has voted 39 to 2 in favor of Legislative Bill 1001, a proposal to legalize hemp research in the state. The measure now heads to the governor who can either sign it into law, let it become law without his signature, or veto it. Although the measure would have initially legalized hemp throughout …

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