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U.S. Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge to Colorado’s Cannabis Legalization Law

In a historic decision, the United States Supreme Court today dismissed Nebraska and Oklahoma’s lawsuit challenging Colorado’s law that allows for the legal possession, cultivation and retail distribution of cannabis. The lawsuit against Colorado’s cannabis law was filed in December, 2014 by the attorneys general for Nebraska and Oklahoma, who argued that the state’s decision …

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Supreme Court Seeks Obama Administration Views on Challenge to Colorado’s Cannabis Law

By Reuters WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday asked President Barack Obama’s administration for its views on a lawsuit filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma against Colorado over its voter-approved law legalizing recreational marijuana use by adults. The Obama administration has allowed states to implement marijuana legalization laws, even though cannabis remains illegal …

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U.S. Supreme Court: Detaining Motorists on Highway to Await Drug Dog Search is Unconstitutional

Police detaining motorists on the side of the highway to await search from a drug dog is unconstitutional as it violates the Fourth Amendment, according to a 6 to 3 ruling by the United States Supreme Court. Prior to the ruling, it was commonplace for law enforcement across the country to detain drivers on the …

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