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U.S. Marijuana Stock Index Cut in Half and then Some Since Trump Elected President

The U.S. Marijuana Index has dropped drastically since Donald Trump was elected president. On November 7th, the day of the general election, the U.S. Marijuana Index was at 108.75; this was not too far from the market’s all-time high of 126.35 (which was on January 16th, 2015). Eight and a half months later, as of …

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U.S. Marijuana Stocks Drop to Lowest in Over Six Months

With continuing uncertainty over how the Trump Administration will handle the conflict between state and federal cannabis laws, marijuana stocks continue to drop. The U.S. Marijuana Index dropped to 61.02 at the close of today’s market. This marks the lowest the index has been since October 2nd of last year, when the market was at …

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