Police Catch Tiffany Trump Smoking Cannabis at New York Nightclub

By Andre Anderson, CannaSOS.com

tiffany trumpPresident-Elect Donald Trump’s daughter – Tiffany Trump, 23, was found in a sticky situation when she was caught at a nightclub smoking marijuana with her friends. For this, critics have begun hashtag #TwistedTiff (fans of hers are ironically supporting the hashtag as well).

What are the details of the marijuana crime made by Tiffany Trump?

Unfortunately, there are not many details about her action, just numerous reports that she was caught by New York Police Department officers outside of the famous 26th St. club “Paddles.”

According to some official sources, «Ms. Trump was simply cited for a minor marijuana violation attributed to her confusion regarding cannabis laws in the Empire State. The agent, requesting anonymity, ended the brief explanation by stating that Ms. Trump is looking forward to her day in court and to continuing her Father’s mission to Make America Great Again».

What shows a recent Gallup poll about marijuana legalization?

A recent Gallup poll showed more than 60 percent of those in America support marijuana legalization. According to some sources, Tom Price’s (R-Georgia) appointment as Health and Human Services Secretary will result in a regression of current cannabis policies. He may even enforce federal law in states where cannabis is legal, even medical.

Although there are people who voted against some measures which can limit Department of Justice’s interference in the medical and recreational marijuana issues, given Tom Price has a ‘D’ rating from NORML – his appointment has energized some followers of the Anti-Marijuana movement.