The Culture High, A Movie Everyone Should See

In 2007, The Union: The Business Behind Getting High was released, and immediatelych made an impact. Advocates of cannabis reform latched on to its powerful messages and entertaining style of presentation, and shared it among their friends, family and colleagues, especially those who may not have been supportive of cannabis or cannabis legalization, but open to discussing the matter. The movie’s impact continued to grow in subsequent years, as more and more states and localities began to decriminalize and legalize cannabis, for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Now, seven years later, the makers of The Union are releasing its follow-up, titled The Culture High.

The Culture High releases in theaters on October 17th, with special releases in New York and LA on the 3rd and 10th. We were sent a copy of the film early, and will say right away that we recommend it to everyone. Those who are supportive of cannabis law reform will find themselves applauding the movie’s clear and concise reasons for why cannabis prohibition (and the drug war as a whole) is a failure, and those that don’t know much about cannabis or cannabis prohibition will find themselves shocked to learn some of the truth surrounding it, and will be entertained along the way by the movie’s fast-paced and intellectual conservations and information.

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