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Thailand Legalizes Hemp Farming

Thailand officials have legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp. “The Cabinet has already approved hemp as an economic plant,” says Sirinya Sittichai, secretary-general of the nation’s Narcotics Control Board. According to Sittichai, hemp cultivation will be allowed in 15 districts in six provinces; these provinces are Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan, Phetchabun, Mae Hong Son and …

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New Survey Shows 80% in Thailand Support Legalizing Cannabis for All Uses


By Monterey Bud, Marijuana.com Purportedly reducing penalties for both marijuana and meth possession by the end of the year, Thailand’s officials are apparently cognizant of their constituents’ passion for marijuana reform — a recent poll showed the majority of respondents believe the Thai government should legalize marijuana. Polled on whether or not marijuana should be legalized in …

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