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Americans for Tax Reform Endorses Change in Federal Law to Allow Cannabis Businesses to Deduct Taxes

Next week Americans for Tax Reform – founded and headed by ultraconservative Grover Norquist – will hold a joint press conference with the National Cannabis Association to call for a change in federal tax laws to allow cannabis businesses to take standard tax reductions, in states where they’re legal. In speaking for the Obama Administration, …

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Denver Council Rejects Proposals to Further Restrict Recreational Cannabis, Approves 3.5% Tax

This evening Denver’s City Council finally came to agreement on a tax rate for recreational cannabis, which will be set at 3.5%. During the same meeting, the council rejected two proposals to further restrict recreational cannabis outlets. Under one of the rejected proposals – which failed by one vote – cannabis retail outlets would have …

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Harvard Law School Offers Seminar on “Tax Planning for Marijuana Dealers”

As marijuana legalization – whether for medical or recreational purposes – becomes more mainstream, more people are realizing that the conflict between state and federal law is nothing short of a clusterfuck, which results in confusing tax issues for those who are distributing marijuana legally under state law – such as medical marijuana dispensaries in …

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