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Initiative to Legalize Recreational Cannabis on Tomorrow’s Ballot in East Lansing, Michigan

An initiative to legalize cannabis is on tomorrow’s May 5th ballot in East Lansing, Michigan. If passed into law by voters, the initiative would legalize the possession, use and transfer of up to an ounce of cannabis for those 21 and older. Consuming cannabis in public, and cannabis distribution, would remain illegal. Similiar initiatives have …

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New Poll: Cannabis Legalization Would Pass in Oregon if Election Held Today

New polling released by SurveyUSA has found strong support for legalizing recreational cannabis in the State of Oregon, indicating that voters are ready for reform, and would vote in favor of it if given the chance. The polling firm asked the following question; “Oregon will also vote on several ballot measures. First, on the topic of …

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Majority of Utah Residents Support Medical Cannabis Legalization

A new poll commissioned by the Salt Lake Tribune, and conducted by SurveyUSA, has found that despite Utah being one of the most conservative states in the nation, 51% of Utah residents are in support of legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. This poll exemplifies the rapidly growing shift in public opinion surrounding the medical use …

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