Super Troopers 2 Releasing on 4/20

Super Troopers 2, the IndieGoGo funded follow-up the cult classic Super Troopers, will be releasing on April 20 (A.K.A. 4/20), the unofficial though much-celebrated cannabis holiday.

The original Super Troopers released in 2001, and although it received mixed reviews and had a far from impressive run at the box office (grossing less than $20 million in the U.S.), it quickly became a cult hit, and remains popular to this day. There’s no better indication of the film’s following than the fact that those behind it were able to raise over $4.6 million on IndieGoGo, a crowd-sourcing website, for a follow-up. This was over twice the original goal.

According to Steven Lemme, co-founder of Broken Lizard, the group behind Super Troopers, the sequel will be released in the “springtime and there’s a very obvious date, which happens to fall on a Friday this year.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Lemme is talking about April 20, 2018, which falls on a Friday (the day new movies are typically released).

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