4 Reasons Getting High is Better than Getting Drunk

When trying to decide between getting drunk or getting high, here’s a few reasons why the latter is the better choice.

  • Getting High Doesn’t Result in a Hangover

This might be the most obvious reason, but it’s a big one! As any drinker knows, a strong hangover can be an awful, awful thing. Bad ones can last the entire next day; even when they don’t they’ll almost always at least ruin your morning (and maybe ruin some of your fun the night before as you fear the coming hangover).

When it comes to cannabis, hangovers don’t really exist. Some people will claim to still feel a little high when waking up from a night of heavy smoking – and some can wake up with dry mouth – but that tends to be the worst of it.

This is a big deal, as there’s nothing better than waking up from a night of partying feeling… well… fine!



  • Getting High Can’t Kill You

Very little needs to be said about this point.

In the U.S. alone, six people die every single day from alcohol poising (and most are middle-aged men, not college students). It’s a lot easier to die from alcohol than many people think, and once you’re already drunk continuing to drink past the point of being safe is a real problem for many people.

On the other side of the spectrum is cannabis; it’s physically impossible to die from consuming it. This means that no matter how much you eat or smoke, you can’t die from it. This is a really comforting feeling when trying to have a good time.



  • Cannabis is a Preventive Medicine

Research has shown that cannabis is a vastly beneficial preventative medicine. Studies have shown that it may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and various forms of cancer, and may even help prevent suicides. This means that even if you’re smoking to simply have a good time, you’re likely doing your body some good.

This isn’t true of Alcohol, however, as it has little to no beneficial qualities (and any benefits alcohol might have comes in the first 1-2 drinks, well before you’re “drunk”).



  • ¬†You Can Consume A Lot of Cannabis and Still be Okay

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you just want to get really… well… not sober. With that in mind, cannabis is the much better choice.

When consuming too much alcohol, the consequences are grand, often dire and sometimes even fatal. As we mention above, dying from alcohol overdose is easier than it seems. Even if you don’t die, drinking too much alcohol can often lead to blacking out and any other number of non-pleasant results.

When it comes to cannabis, however, the biggest negative consequence of smoking too much is going to sleep; but this can be avoided with a good sativa strain. In which case smoking more just means getting higher. Some people can feel dizzy or nauseated with too much cannabis, but that’s extremely rare and always short-lived.


  • In conclusion

All of this being said, it’s true that sometimes you just want to take a few shots or drink a cocktail or two, and that’s totally fine. But when trying to make the decision between that or smoking a joint, there’s a lot of reasons to choose the latter.