Tag: Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act

Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform Bill Passes U.S Senate Judiciary Committee

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee voted 15 to 5 today to pass the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, which would reduce mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses, expand early release programs and expand the federal “safety valve”, (which gives judges discretion to give an individual a sentence lower than the mandatory minimum). ‚ÄúThis vote today …

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Senate Reaches Deal to Reduce Prison Population and Reform Mandatory Minimums

By Drug Policy Alliance Criminal Justice Legislation Lowers Drug Sentences, Increases Early Release and Returns Some Discretion to Judges Bipartisan Compromise Bill Backed by Top Democrats And Republicans Amid Public Demands to End Mass Incarceration Today, a bipartisan group of Senators announced a historic deal on criminal justice reform, rounding out a negotiation process that …

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