Pennsylvania Senate Unanimously Passes Hemp Bill

hempfieldThe Pennsylvania Senate on Wednesday voted to pass a bill that would establish a statewide cultivation pilot program for industrial hemp. The vote was unanimous, 49 to 0.

Senate Bill 50 would create the Industrial Hemp Licensing Board – which would be a subsection of the state’s Department of Agriculture – to handle licensing those interested in growing the crop. The measure would permit universities in the state to legally cultivate and produce hemp as part of a research program which wll be formulated to meet federal guidelines (according to federal law hemp cultivation is illegal, unless for research purposes).

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Kentucky to Move Forward With Legal Hemp Production

The Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission voted today to approve a plan by the state’s Agriculture Department to soon begin issuing hemp licenses, with hemp farming to begin next year. This mohemp111ve is possible due to the passage of Senate Bill 50 earlier this year which legalized hemp in the state, with it taking effect being contingent on a change in federal law. With the recent announcement from the Obama Administration that they won’t go after states which have legalized cannabis, the state is considering that to be enough of a change.

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Kentucky Hemp Farming to Begin Next Year, Says Agriculture Commissioner

In April Senate Bill 50 became law in Kentucky, ending the state’s prohibition on hemp, while making state-licensed cultivation contingent on a change in federal law. Now that the Obama Administration hashemp announced that they won’t enforce federal law in states where cannabis has been made legal, Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and the Agriculture Department’s attorney Luke Morgan stated today that this allows the state to move forward with licensing hemp producers; Comer will push for the state to begin licensing by the year’s end, with legal hemp cultivation beginning next year.

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Industrial Hemp Officially Legal in Kentucky

As it passes midnight in Kentucky, Senate Bill 50 officially becomes law. The measure, which legalizes industrial hemp in the state, recently passed the Senate and House, giving the governor until April 6th at iENAhv8Luhy811:59PM to either sign the bill into law, veto it, or let it become law. With no veto or signature, and with it now being April 7th, the bill has officially become law.

Under this new measure, hemp production is now legal in Kentucky. However, with the federal government still seeing hemp as a schedule 1 drug next to the likes of heroin and other dangerous substances, Kentuckians will need to wait until a federal change to take place to begin production.

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Kentucky Governor to Allow Bill Legalizing Hemp to Become Law

This morning Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear made an official announcement that he’ll be allowing a measure legalizing industrial hemp to become law. Both the state’s Senate and House, after heavy debate, passed the measure (Senate Bill 50) over the past several wehemp1eks, putting it in the hands of the governor to either veto the bill, sign it into law, or ignore it: he’s taking the latter option, meaning it will officially pass into law after April 6th.

The measure’s passage comes with the support of Kentuckians, with recent polling showing that 65% in the state support legal hemp production.

The measure puts Kentucky, as with the other 8 states that have legalized hemp, directly against the federal government, which considers hemp a schedule 1 drug. However, U.S. Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnel, both from Kentucky, have stated that they’d work at granting the state a federal waiver to grow hemp if the measure passes.

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