Ten Rules of Consuming Illegal Cannabis

By Jeffrey Steinborn, Board of Directors and Legal Committee member for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)

1. One law at a time.

If you’re holding or using that’s one. Don’t break any others.

Particularly in your car, all laws must be religiously obeyed. Police are now trained to use every encomarijuanacarunter as an excuse to invade your privacy. Signal for every turn, don’t speed, make all persons wear seat belts, have all your lights in order, your tabs current, your signage up to date if your vehicle looks commercial, etc.. It seems petty, but there is no traffic violation too petty to support a stop. And once you’re stopped if the car smells of dope, if the cop sees a pipe, or if you just don’t look right, you’re going to be searched.

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