Curing Your Cannabis Crop

By Robert Bergman,

cureThe best way to ensure year-round satisfaction is to make sure you’ve protected your cannabis crop. The techniques for storage are simple but vital for combating mold, mildew, and general spoilage. If a grower’s crop is anywhere near successful, the harvest will be too large to stash in a cupboard or dresser drawer, and you’ll be stuck with the happy task of preparing at least a year’s supply of smoke for long-term storage.

Besides the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the cannabis you’re putting into your body hasn’t been sprayed with insecticide or herbicide, the reason for growing personal—use marijuana is to ensure yourself of a good supply of the kind bud until next harvest. That means putting a year’s worth of cannabis into storage, where seeds will not be damaged by freezing, buds will neither mold or grow stale (a number of experts claim that stored marijuana will actually increase in potency for the first several months—I can’t say that I’ve ever noted an increase in the stoning, but aged weed does seem to be a smoother smoke).

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Autoflowering Marijuana Basics

budBy Robert Bergman,

Autoflower is a newer development in the cannabis market, and it has really exploded the last few years – even Google knows it. Searches for autoflowering marijuana has doubled over the last single year. People are getting increasingly excited, interested, and curious about it. There is a good reason for all this excitement. This isn’t a typical marijuana trend; it could be a total game-changer. So, why all this clamor about autoflower marijuana plants? There is a good reason for all this excitement, let’s look at some of the best attributes of the plant:

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Getting The Correct Dosage For Marijuana Edibles

By Robert Bergman, ILoveGrowingMarijuana.comedible

If you have ever eaten or baked marijuana edibles before, you are likely well aware of the difficulty that comes with figuring out your proper dose. Time and time again people either have too little marijuana (leading to no high at all) or far too much (resulting in an uncomfortable high), and they can’t seem to get it right even after some major trial and error. Luckily, this article will give you some of the most important tips for getting the right dose in your next batch of marijuana edibles.

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Tips and Tricks to Prevent Cannabis Odor

By Robert Bergman,

smellMarijuana has an undeniably, strong, unique smell that anyone can recognize. How many times have you been out and suddenly you were hit with it? I am pretty sure you were 100% aware of what it was you were smelling.

This odor is appealing to some, however, it can completely blow up your spot in the wrong way if the wrong people catch a hint of it coming from your grow room.

With each passing day,  marijuana is becoming more and more popular worldwide as people begin discovering its medical benefits or enjoy it for a real high. We now have more people growing marijuana indoors than ever before so there is a pressing need to help growers learn to cover up the odor these plants give off. The smell while growing marijuana is what makes the practice so risky since the last thing you need is this to get the attention of people living in your area.

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Marijuana Eighths And Other Measurements

By Robert Bergman,

For people who like to smoke weed but haven’t bought it before, or aren’t well versed in the measurement system for marijuana, this article will come in handy. Its purpose is to clear up the differences between grams, eighths, quarters, halves, ounces, pounds, and kilos.

The world of marijuana has an entirely new vocabulary that comes with it, so newcomers are often confused. Don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of newcomers now that the legalization movement is well under way, and this means that you are not the only one looking for answers. It’s always a good idea to buy a scale to make sure you’re aware of the weight of your bud. With different sizes and densities, it would be easy to mix up size and weight without using a scale.


A gram is the typical unit for people looking to buy a small amount of weed, and it generally doesn’t get any lower than one gram. For most people, one gram of weed will last them a couple rounds of smoking, some a few days or weeks depending on your intake level. Some prefer to put the entire gram into one blunt, however, to achieve a more intense high.



Simply put, an eighth refers to around one-eighth of an ounce in terms of the weight of marijuana. Surprisingly, marijuana weight doesn’t quite follow the rules of other weights. An ounce of marijuana is 28 grams. A real ounce, however, is 28.375 grams. So technically speaking, an eighth should weigh 3.54688 grams — but in reality, it only is 3.5 grams. This isn’t to rip you off but rather is just a simpler way of measuring using grams (since only the more sophisticated scales measure hundredths of a gram).

In general, buying weed in eighths is going to be a better deal than if you bought it in grams. It’s also important to note that half-eighths are also a common measurement for weed dealers and buyers, weighing in at 1.75 grams.



A quarter is the equivalent of two of the above-mentioned eighths, and it consequently weighs around 7 grams. Quarters can also go by the name of ‘quad,’ and it is generally bought by people looking for an intense high or a long-term solution to buying their weed less often. People looking to share will also purchase a quarter of weed.



One-half refers to a half of an ounce, which, as logic dictates, is twice the amount of two quarters. If you want to get even more in depth with it, it is also the equivalent of four marijuana eighths, which is the same as the weight of 14 grams. This is a hefty amount that only huge party planners generally buy.




An ounce is two halves, or four quarters, or eight eighths. It measures up to 28 grams and is often called by its first letter, ‘O’.  Buying an ounce is a huge amount of weed. This much at one time is rare, but it will provide you and all of your friends with enough product for a long while.



poundsPounds and kilograms

As is normal in the American Imperial System of measurement, one pound of marijuana is equal to sixteen ounces. This is the equivalent of 64 quarters, 128 eighths, or 448 grams. It’s a gigantic amount of weed. This is probably not the size anyone intending to smoke is going to buy, so they probably are already aware of how the measurements work.

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In case you are not familiar with the Metric System of measurement, it’s important to note that one kilo (or kilogram) equals 1000 grams. It is the largest unit of measure in which you might buy weed (and is more than twice the weight of one pound). It is typically limited to traffickers. Simply put, amateurs or newbies wouldn’t be buying a kilo of weed.

How to Grow Huge Marijuana Buds

By Robert Bergman,

If you really want to maximize the outcome of your harvest, you are going to need to figure out a few things. You’ll need to be able to identify the type of marijuana plants you are growing, and then know exactly where and how to increase growth.

The bud of a marijuana plant is the prized appendage that appears after a plant enters the flowering stage of its life cycle. The leaves of the marijuana plant contain THC, but the buds of female plants are the most potent product by far. So as an individual grower, it’s important to focus a significant amount of attention on the buds of your crop.

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How Long Does THC Stay In Your Body?

By Robert Bergman,

Close-up of Marijuana Plant

Drug tests vary quite a bit, so this article is meant to provide you with general guidelines rather than all-inclusive facts, so please take the information with a grain of salt. Most people want to know exactly how long marijuana stays in your system so that you can effectively pass a drug test. Despite all the information we will provide you with, the best way to know for sure if marijuana is still in your system is if you actually perform a drug test on yourself. You can get cheap THC urine drug tests relatively easily.

Part of the issue with determining exactly how long the marijuana remains in your body is the fact that it depends greatly on how often you use marijuana. If it’s only once every couple months, for example, or even once per week, there is probably not a buildup in your body, meaning marijuana will leave your system within just a few days. If you use marijuana heavily or frequently, however, then it could take a month or even longer just to be sure that the marijuana in your system is no longer detectable. Always proceed with caution.

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The Difference Between Indica, Sativa And Hybrid

By Robert Bergman,

budNot all marijuana strains are alike. You have probably already heard of sativa and indica, and even the hybrid strains, but do you know what the differences between them are? They are three distinct categories of specific traits that even the most experienced growers don’t know about.

Sativa and Indica have been on the books since the 1700s, but the hybrid didn’t come until some time later. Sativas come from a temperate climate near the equator, while the Indica likely originated around present-day Afghanistan, specifically near the Hindu Kush area. The climate and weather conditions there are harsh — this is likely why they have a thicker protective coat of resin than the Sativa strains.

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How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test


By Robert Bergman,

Because marijuana is not yet treated like other legal drugs, workers need to be constantly worried about whether or not they will be denied employment because they didn’t ‘pass’ a marijuana drug test. This is especially true if you use marijuana for its medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana patients will need to have a prescription that is recognized in the eyes of the law.

Urine drug test

If urine is found to test positive for the presence of a drug, a medical review officer is called in who will decide if a justifiable medical reason exists for the results of the test. If the worker has their prescription for that drug, such as urinecodeine or oxycodone, it is excused and allowed by the company and the law. This normal procedure does not generally apply to medical marijuana, unfortunately.

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Marijuana Nutrient Burn and How to Fix it

nutrientburnBy Robert Bergman,

Contrary to what many new growers may think, giving your marijuana plants an enormous dose of nutrients is not going to help them be healthier. In fact, giving them too many nutrients will actually harm them, causing something called “nutrient burn,” or shortened among marijuana growers as “nute burn.”

If your plants are suffering from a nutrient burn, they will likely exhibit signs of yellowing and burnt tips on the leaves. The leaves may become crunchy and crispy and their edges will begin to curl. Depending on the type of nutrient that is causing the burn, the leaves may also have brown spots on the leaf’s edges (which generally happens with potassium toxicities).

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