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Poll: For First Time Ever, More Republicans Support Legalization than Oppose it

For the first time a national poll has found that a plurality of Republicans support the legalization of cannabis for recreational use. The poll also found a strong majority of all Americans to be in support of the move. According to the YouGov poll, 45% of Republicans favor legalizing cannabis, with 42% opposed; 13% remain …

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Millenials: 63% of Republicans, 77% of Democrats Support Legalizing Cannabis, Finds Poll

New polling released by Pew Research has found strong nationwide support for legalizing cannabis, especially among millenials (those born between 1981 and 1996). According to the poll, 63% of Republican millenials believe that cannabis should be made legal. Support is even higher among Democrats, at 77%. Strong support was also found in both parties among …

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Texas Republican Party Adds Hemp Cultivation to Party Platform

The Texas Republican Party has voted to add the legalization of hemp cultivation as an official party platform. The platform was approved after the party heard testimony from both sides of the issue at the 2014 Texas GOP Convention. Although the GOP’s Temporary Platform Committee voted in favor of an amendment also making the legalization …

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