President Trump’s Marijuana Grade

If grading President Trump strictly in regards to marijuana and marijuana laws, what score would he get? Here we give our take.

Say what you will about President Trump – and most people would happily do so all day if asked, whether they support or oppose him – he’s made moves that have surprised many supporters of marijuana law reform, while simultaneously giving mixed messages on the issue.

Below we list the pros andĀ  cons of Trump’s presidency as it relates to marijuana, and then give him a final grade (again, strictly on this subject).


  • Earlier this year Trump teamed with Senator Cory Gardner (R) in announcing that he supports state rights when it comes to marijuana legalization laws, and said he will support future legislation to change the law to ensure that the feds won’t interfere with state marijuana laws. In doing so, Trump went beyond recent presidents in supporting the marijuana reform movement (in fact, both Presidents Bush and Obama spent vast amount of resources raiding state-legal medical marijuana dispensaries).
  • Trump has stated on numerous occasions, including during his presidential campaign, that he’s “100%” in support of medical marijuana. This isn’t the same for recreational marijuana, but is still a positive.
  • For the most part, Trump has avoided the anti-marijuana rhetoric perpetuated by many Republican lawmakers. It’s hard to list not doing something ridiculous as a pro, but given the landscape we will.



  • Trump chose then-Senator Jeff Sessions as his attorney general. Sessions is known for spending decades opposing marijuana and any liberalization of the laws surrounding it, and has actively pushed for an expansion of the war on drugs. If it wasn’t for the SessionsĀ  pick, Trump’s grade would be considerably higher.
  • Other than the Gardner deal, Trump has done nothing to actively support a reformation of marijuana laws – and even the Gardner deal was done in large part because he was blocking nominations to the Department of Justice.


President Trump’s Marijuana Grade:



President Trump is far from a president that has embraced marijuana law reform, and in fact has made many detrimental moves, particularly through the choice of Jeff Sessions as attorney general. However, he’s also done little to actively harm the current situation, and in some regards has done more to support the movement – and less to oppose it – than President Obama. With this in mind, we give him a C-, meaning that although he has a huge amount of room for improvement, he’s thus far not failing… but barely.

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions Have Been Fighting Over Approach to Marijuana Laws

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have had “multiple fights” over how the government should approach the situation of multiple states having legalized marijuana despite it being federally illegal, according to a former White House employee.

President Trump and AG Sessions disagree with each other on what the government should do regarding state laws that make marijuana legal, a former White House employee tells us (although the individual would like to remain anonymous, we were able to verify that they did in fact work with the White House during a period last year). Trump wants the government to respect state marijuana laws and take a hands-off approach. Sessions, however, wants the government to move forward with a full-blown crackdown of state-level marijuana legalization. Allegedly, Trump’s opposition is the only thing that’s kept Sessions from doing so.

“Sessions and Trump have been heard arguing in the halls on several occasions, with Sessions enraged that Trump wants to “ignore federal law” when it comes to marijuana”, our source tells us. “Trump thinks it’s bad politics. He wants to the feds to look the other way”. Apparently Sessions rescinding the Obama-era Cole Memo, without a federal crackdown, is the best compromise the two have been able to reach.

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