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White Widow Marijuana Strain Overview

An energetic hybrid, White Widow is one of the most well known and loved marijuana strains in the world. First bred in the Netherlands, White Widow is a strain that nearly all cannabis consumers have heard. Its energetic, uplifting and powerful high is well known, as its uniquely Earthy flavor and smell. This strain is …

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Hawaiian Punch Marijuana Strain Overview

Hawaiian Punch, as the name suggests, is a sweet smelling and tasting sativa-dominant strain that packs a punch. Hawaiian Punch is a sativa, but it’s an incredibly potent one; in fact, many consider it to be one of the strongest sativas on the market. The high tingles throughout the body and wallops up to the …

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Scooby Snacks Marijuana Strain Overview

Scooby Snacks is a hybrid that’s slightly indica-dominant. It’s a genius mix between Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. The buds of this strain are dense, slightly sticky and often purple. The smell and taste is sweet (almost caramelly) and piney. The high is incredibly relaxing and smooth. It immediately hits the head …

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