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How to Properly Dose with Marijuana Edibles

Edibles are among the most popular cannabis products around and for good reason: they offer higher highs for longer periods of time. While this is wonderful news for the marijuana lover, edibles do come with a metaphorical warning label (and a real one as well). This is because they are different than what some people …

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Over 200 Marijuana Edible Recipes

Below is a list of over 200 recipes for various marijuana edibles, from condiments and appetizers to entrees and desserts. The Basics 1. Cannabutter 2. Marijuana Oil 3. Cannabis Mayo 4. Cannabis Flour 5. Marijuana Milk 6. Cannabis Almond Milk 7. Cannabis-Infused Honey Tincture 8. Coconut Cannabis Oil Breakfast 9. Easy Infused Tea Canna Biscuits 10. Marijuana-Infused Raw Vegan Energy Balls 11. Cheesy Marijuana Grits …

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