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Portugal Parliament Passes Legislation to Legalize Marijuana Medicines

Portugal’s full parliament overwhelmingly approved a bill today that would legalize marijuana-based medicines, reports Reuters. Only one party, the center-right CDS-PP, abstained in the vote. The bill would legalize prescription marijuana to treat chronic pain, post traumatic stress disorder, side effects from cancer therapy, and a list of other ailments. The bill now goes to President …

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Iowa Democratic Party Makes Legalizing All Drugs an Official Party Platform

In a surprise move, the Iowa Democratic Party at their annual convention on Sunday voted to make legalizing all drugs an official party platform, indicating that they support and will work towards it. In total, the Iowa Democrats adopted 563 official party planks, with “legalizing all drugs” being #293. Although elected Democrats are free to …

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Hawaii Bill to Study Drug Decriminalization Unanimously Approved by Senate Committee

A month after being approved 37 to 7 by the full Hawaii House of Representatives, a bill to establish a study on the decriminalization of all drugs has been approved unanimously by the Senate Judiciary Committee. HCR 127 directs the state’s Legislative Research Bureau to “conduct a study on the feasibility and advisability of decriminalizing …

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