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Study: Medical Marijuana Legalization Associated With Few Opioid Deaths, But Only in States With Dispensaries

A new study conducted by theĀ RAND CorporationĀ and published by the Journal of Health Economics has found that although medical marijuana legalization is associated with a decrease in opioid deaths, this is only true in states that have legalized dispensaries. “The association between medical marijuana and lower levels of opioid overdose deaths — identified previously in …

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Study: Patients with Access to Medical Marijuana Reduce their Use of Opioids

By NORML Patients registered to use medical cannabis decrease their use of opioids, according to data compiled by researchers at the University of New Mexico. Investigators assessed the use of prescription opioids over an 18-month period among patients enrolled in the state’s medical marijuana program compared to similar patients who were not. They reported that …

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Study: Majority of Medical Cannabis Patients Use Cannabis to Replace Prescription Drugs

A new study published by the International Journal of Drug Policy has found that a majority of medical cannabis patients are using cannabis in replace of dangerous prescription drugs, mainly opioids. For the study; “Patients registered to purchase cannabis from Tilray, a federally authorized Licenced Producer (LP) within the MMPR [the law that allows medical …

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