Colorado Task Force Decides Cannabis Legal For All, Not Just Residents

Colorado’s cannabis task force – set up by Amendment 64 to recommend regulations to the legislature for legal cannabis sales – voted today to approve an amendment that would maintain the legality of out-of-state individuals using and purchasing cannabis. Opponents had hoped for the task force to vote in favor of requiring legal purchasers of cannabis to be state residents.

sitemgr_photo_544“Imposing a residency requirement would almost certainly create a black market for recreational marijuana in the state,” stated Colorado Rep. Dan Pabon, who’s a member of the task force.

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Four Cannabis Bills Pending in New Hampshire; Two Legalization, One Decrim, One Medical

On Thursday, New Hampshire’s House Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee heard roughly six hours of public testimony on three cannabis related bills that would either legalize, or decriminalize cannabis in the state. This comes just days after polling released from the University of New Hampshire found 56% of New Hampshire residents support legalizing cannabis like alcohol, and nearly 80% support its legalization fowhite-widow-xlr medical purposes.

Among these three was a measure filed by Republican State Rep. Mark Warden, in what he calls the “tomatoes bill”. This measure would remove all state criminal penalties associated with cannabis possession, and would allow people to grow cannabis freely as if it were tomatoes. In what he calls a “purist” approach, this is the measure most likely to garner intense praise from within the cannabis community for its bold approach.

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Majority of U.K. Residents Support Legalizing or Decriminalizing Cannabis

53% of residents in the U.K. support legalizing the production and supply of cannabis, or at the very least decriminalizing its possession. This is according to polling released today, conducted by Ipsos MORI, one of the nation’s top polling firms.

The poll was orderemarijuana-england-ukd by the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, a registered charity that considers itself “UK’s leading centre of expertise on drug policy reform”.

The poll also found that 67% support the “government commissioning a full independent review of drug policy”, which includes examining the impact of legalizing the supply and production, and decriminalizing possession, of other illegal drugs.

This comes not long after the country’s Home Affairs Select Committee called for a review of U.K.’s drug policy, requesting a royal commission to consider the decriminalization of all illegal drugs.

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Former U.S. Attorney, Appointed By Ronald Reagan, Fighting For Medical Marijuana In Arizona

In the fight to keep medical cannabis legal in Arizona, advocates were recently given a secret weapon.

Melvin McDonald isn’t your stereotypical supporter of medical cannabis. Mormon by faith, a former judge, and a former U.S. Attorney appointed by Ronald Reagan, Melvin reaches a much-needed audience when he speaks out about the need to allow patients safe access to this medicine.

Melvin McDonald.
Melvin McDonald.

“I was a leader in the drug wars in the 1980’s….I’d been appointed by President Reagan as the US Attorney. Our number one priority in Arizona was drugs and we battled drugs all the years I was US Attorney”, Melvin told Arizona Family.

Now, he understands that cannabis is medicinal; “Marijuana works with certain kinds of illnesses. I’ve seen it”.

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Washington State Bill To Clear Cannabis Misdemeanors Gets Committee Hearing

Recently we reported on legislation that was filed in Washington State, which would allow adults with a cannabis possession misdemeanor to have it removed from their record. The measure, House Bill 1661, is sponsored by a bipartisan assortment of 21 state legislators.

WA State Capitol.
WA State Capitol.

On Wednesday, February 20th, the community will have an opportunity to voice their opinions, and to help put the bill to a full House vote. A public hearing and executive session for the bill will take place starting at 1:30PM, and will be held by the House Committee on Public Safety – a committee chaired by State Rep. Roger Goodman, a friend of cannabis law reform.

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An International Glance At Reefer Madness

In many parts of the world, reefer madness is alive, and ridiculous.

The Times of India.

Today, The Times of India – one of India’s top news outlets – has put up an article that shrieks of yesteryear propaganda. The article, titled “Marijuana addicts get hooked young“, is laughable, if not trying to be passed off as serious journalism.

The article starts:

“An MBA student from a wealthy family here drew a lot of attention at a nightclub due to his antics. Minutes later, his unruly conduct led to a brawl and a visit to a police station.

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Kentucky Senate Passes Legislation Legalizing Industrial Hemp

Early last week a senate committee in Kentucky voted unanimously to approve legislation legalizing hemp in the state, putting it to a full senate vote.

On Thursday, the full senate voted 31-6, approving the measure and sending it to the House, where a majority vote would send it to the governors office. A signature from Governor Steve Beshearhemp would make the legislation law.

The vote comes at a critical time; if Kentucky legalizes hemp, obviously it will still be against federal law, meaning production won’t begin until a national change takes place.

However, a bipartisan group of federal lawmakers – that include the Republican senate minority leader – have filed legislation which would end our federal prohibition on industrial hemp, instantly allowing states that legalize or have legalized hemp to begin production.

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Washington D.C. To Get Its First Medical Cannabis Dispensary In April

It’s been a long, hard fight for advocates of medical cannabis in D.C., but the battle is finally paying off, and people will be better off for it.

According to General manager David Guard, Capital City Care (CCC) – which will be the cities first dispensary among six that are licensed – will be opening in early April.

As with medical cannabis access points in other parts of the country like Colorado, CCC will be offering cannabis in its dried form, as well as medicated bakery items, candies and drinks. They’ll also be selling pipes and bongs, and will have counseling s4c2a6fbe5d5faa1ede9d72b6ad5f6b4fervices for those new to medical marijuana.

For D.C. residents who have been fighting for this new law, the victory is sweet, though long overdo.

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Medical Marijuana Now Legal In Czech Republic

Medical marijuana legislation has been officially approved in the Czech Republic, after it was signed into law today by Czech President Vaclav Klaus. The law had recently passed both Czech_Republic_Grunge_Flag_by_think0houses of Parliament.

The new law allows patients who get a prescription from a doctor to use and possess cannabis, as well as buy it through pharmacies. The cannabis will imported to the country, to be later grown locally by firms that would be licensed by the government.

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Stupidity In Action: Cops Harass Elderly Couple For What *Appears* To Be A Pot Leaf Bumper Sticker

In a shining example of not only police stupidity, but of just how ridiculous cannabis prohibition has become, a couple driving through Tennessee, both in their sixties, were pulled over and harassed by multiple police officers – in body armor and wielding guns – because of a report that they received about a pot-leaf bumper sticker that was on the vehicle.

Ohio State Buckeyes helmet.
Ohio State Buckeyes helmet.

It turns out, the bumper sticker wasn’t cannabis related, but rather a picture of a buckeye leaf. The couple was from Ohio, and are fans of the college football team the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Taking the words right from our mouths, Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni, one of the victims, stated to USA Today, “It’s just amazing they would be that dumb”. Ha.

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