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Legalizing Marijuana in U.S. Could Generate $106 Billion in Taxes, Create 1 Million New Jobs by 2025

According to a new report by New Frontier Data, titled Cannabis In the U.S. Economy: Jobs, Growth and Tax Revenue, 2018 Edition, the U.S. could generate billions of dollars and a lot of new jobs if they legalize marijuana. The report, released today, “examines what full adult use legalization of cannabis could generate in federal tax revenue and …

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95% of U.S. Population Lives in a State with Access to Some Form of Legal Marijuana

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95% of the U.S. population currently lives in a state with some form of legal access to marijuana, yet the substance remains illegal on the federal level for all uses. “While the cannabis industry has been anxious to gain more clarity into how President Trump’s Administration is going to treat the legal cannabis market in …

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