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Cannabis is Now Legal in Nevada

Cannabis is now legal in Nevada for those 21+. Portions of Nevada’s Question 2 have taken effect as of midnight, January 1st. The new law allows those 21 and older to possess and use up to an ounce of cannabis. Of the four states that legalized cannabis on November 8th, Nevada is the third where …

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Cannabis Becomes Legal in Nevada on January 1st

The new year will bring with it new cannabis laws in Nevada, as portions of Question 2 take effect. On December 15th parts of Massachusetts’ Question 4 took effect, legalizing cannabis for those 21 and older. Soon it will be Nevada’s turn, as portions of Question 2 take effect on January 1st. As with Massachusetts …

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Nevada Voters to Decide on Legalizing Cannabis in 2016

By NORML LAS VEGAS, NV — Nevada voters will decide next November on ballot language that seeks to regulate the licensed production and retail sale of cannabis to adults. Lawmakers had until late last week to act on the initiative petition, filed by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), but failed to do so – thus …

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