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Cannabis May Treat Neuroinflammation, According to New Study

A study published in the February issue of the Journal of NeuroImmune Pharmacology has found that cannabis may provide a treatment option for neuroinflammation. “Chronic neuroinflammatory disorders (such as HIV associated neurodegeneration) require treatment that decreases production of inflammatory factors by activated microglia and macrophages and protection of blood brain barrier (BBB) injury secondary to …

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Cannabinoids Can Treat Neuroinflammation, According to New Study

A new study published in the journal Cell Immunology has found that activation of the body’s cannabinoid receptors – something done naturally by cannabis and cannabinoids – has neuroinflammatory capabilities. According to the study; “Here we showed that Gp1a, a highly selective CB2 [cannabinoid receptor 2] agonist, with a four log higher affinity for CB2 than CB1, reduced …

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