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Nebraska Judiciary Committee Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Nebraska’s Judiciary Committee has passed legislation to legalize medical marijuana. Legislative Bill 622 was passed by the Judiciary Committee with a 6 to 1 vote, with Senator Stebe Halloran casting the sole “No” vote. The measure allows those with a qualifying condition to possess and use marijuana medicines if they receive a recommendation from a …

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Nebraska Senate Votes 44 to 2 to Study Cannabis Oil


A legislative proposal that would commission the University of Nebraska to study the effectiveness of low-THC cannabis oil in the treatment of seizure disorders has passed Nebraska’s full Senate with a 44 to 2 vote. “LB 390 creates the Medical Cannabidiol Pilot Study within the University of Nebraska Medical Center for patients who suffer from …

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Nebraska Senate Gives Initial Approval to Legislation that Would Legalize Medical Cannabis

With a 27 to 12 vote, Nebraska’s Senate has given initial approval to Legislative Bill 643, which would legalize medical cannabis. The proposal, which now moves to a second round of debate in the Senate, would allow patients with certain medical conditions such as epilepsy and cancer who receive a recommendation from a physician to …

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Nebraska Committee Unanimously Approves Bill to Allocate $250,000 to Study Cannabis Extracts

CBD Tincture

A proposal to allocate $250,000 to research the safety and efficacy of low-THC cannabis extracts (including tinctures, oils and pills) has been approved with a unanimous 6 to 0 vote by the Nebraska Judiciary Committee. Legislative Bill 390, introduced by Senator Sue Crawford, would direct the University of Nebraska Medical Center to study the use …

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