Report: Colorado is Successfully Regulating Cannabis

By Morgan Fox, Marijuana Policy Project

Lengthy report concludes, ‘Regulations address key concerns such as diversion, shirking, communication breakdowns, illegal activity, and the financial challenges facing the marijuana industry’

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Colorado is successfully regulating marijuana, according to a report released Thursday by the Brookings Institution’s Center focolorador Effective Public Management.

“The state has met challenging statutory and constitutional deadlines for the construction and launch of a legal, regulatory, and tax apparatus for its new policy,” according to the report authored by John Hudak, a Brookings fellow in Governance Studies. “In doing so, it has made intelligent decisions about regulatory needs, the structure of distribution, prevention of illegal diversion, and other vital aspects of its new market. It has made those decisions in concert with a wide variety of stakeholders in the state.”

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