Cannabis Legalization Initiative Filed in Missouri

Justmissouri days after the 2014 election in which two more state and the District of Columbia voted to legalize cannabis, activists in Missouri have filed an initiative to do the same, with the goal of putting the proposal to a vote in 2016.

The initiative, which was filed as a constitutional amendment, would legalize the possession of up to twelve ounces of cannabis, up to sixteen ounces of cannabis in solid form, and up to twenty ounces of cannabis in liquid form. The proposal, which would only apply to those 21 and older, would also allow for the private cultivation of up to six cannabis plants, and state-licensed retail outlets would be authorized to distribute the substance.

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Initiative to Legalize Cannabis Being Filed this Week in Missouri

The nonprofit organizationmissouri Show-Me Cannabis plans to file paperwork this week for a ballot initiative that would ask Missouri voters whether or not they want to legalize the possess, use and sale of recreational cannabis. The group, which will file the petition with the Secretary of State’s Office, is aiming to put the initiative on the 2016 presidential election ballot.

According to John Payne, executive director of Show-Me Cannabis, the initiative will be a constitutional amendment, legalizing cannabis possession and sales, while also allowing those with non-violent cannabis possession charges to have them expunged from their records.

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