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Poll: 53% of Americans Support Legalizing Cannabis

A new Pew Research Center poll has found that a majority of those in the United States support legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes. According to the poll, 53% of Americans support legalizing cannabis, with 44% opposed. As recently as 2006, just 32% supported cannabis legalization, while nearly twice as many (60%) were opposed. “Millennials (currently …

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83% of Millenials Support No Jail for Cannabis, Over 60% Support the Same for Other Drugs

A new Reason-Rupe poll released today has found that millennials (those aged 18 to 29) overwhelmingly favor the removal of criminal penalties for cannabis, as well as hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. According to the poll, only 14% of millennials across the United States believe that the use of cannabis should result in jail …

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