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New Jersey Officials Approve Adding Five New Medical Cannabis Conditions

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New Jersey officials have given approval to the addition of five new medical conditions to the state’s medical cannabis program. New Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel voted this week to allow the medical use of cannabis for those with migraines, anxiety, Tourette’s syndrome, chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic pain related to internal …

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New Jersey Panel Recommends Adding 43 New Medical Marijuana Conditions

The New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel has recommended the state drastically expand their medical marijuana program by adding 43 new conditions that qualify someone to use the medicine. After months of studying petitions from patients and physicians, and after holding two public hearing, the Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel has recommended adding 43 new medical …

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New Jersey Officials Vote to Expand Medical Cannabis Program

A New Jersey panel today approved expanding the state’s medical cannabis program by including several new qualifying conditions. The Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel voted to approve to use of medical cannabis for those with anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, Tourette syndrome and chronic pain related to muscular skeletal disorders. This would allow those with these conditions to …

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