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Wisconsin House Approves Medical Cannabis Bill

Wisconsin’s House of Representatives has passed a measure (Assembly Bill 726) to legalize the cannabis compound cannabidiol. The Senate is expected to vote on the proposal Tuesday. Under the proposed law, “A practitioner may dispense cannabidiol in a form without a psychoactive effect as a treatment for a seizure disorder or may provide an individual with a hard copy …

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Utah Medical Cannabis Bill Passes Senate Unanimously, Expected to Be Signed by Governor

Utah’s full Senate gave unanimous approval this evening to House Bill 105, a measure to legalize cannabis extracts for medical purposes. The measure, which was approved by the House of Representatives recently with a 62 to 11 vote, will go back to the House for one final vote, before heading to the governor for consideration. …

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Utah Doctors Endorse Legalizing Medical Cannabis For Children’s Epilepsy, Legislation Forthcoming

Three Utah doctors, including a neurologist from the University of Utah, have announced their support for allowing medical cannabis extracts (such as tinctures) and oils to be used by children who suffer from seizures. In a letter sent to the state’s Controlled Substances Advisory Committee, pediatric neurologist Dr. Francis Filloux said that liquid forms of …

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