Nevada May Become First State to Allow Marijuana Clubs

Marijuana clubs where the plant can be consumed onsite aren’t prohibited under Nevada law, according to state officials.

This means that Nevada may soon become the first state with legal marijuana to have marijuana clubs or lounges; such facilities are illegal in the seven other states where the plant has been legalized (although several states, namely Alaska and Colorado, have been discussing allowing them for some time now).

According to the Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau, the state’s marijuana law does not prohibit city or county governments from operating a marijuana club or lounge where visitors may use marijuana onsite. This means that if a city or county chooses to approve of such outlets, they are within their legal right to do so.

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Uruguay Cannabis Sales Begin in Just a Few Weeks, to be Sold in Pharmacies

Uruguay Cannabis SalesIn just a few weeks dozens of pharmacies across Uruguay will be legally distributing cannabis to those 18 and older as part of new policy passed by lawmakers in 2013.

According to National Drugs Board Chairman Juan Andres Roballo, there are roughly 50 pharmacies registered to distribute the plant throughout the country, and around 20 cannabis clubs where cannabis can be consumed onsite. Roballo tells us that the initial batch of cannabis has already been harvested and is ready to sale, with the public able to purchase from pharmacies by the end of September.

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Initiative to Legalize Cannabis Clubs Filed in Denver

The Guardian jointAn initiative to legalize cannabis clubs and special cannabis events in Denver, Colorado was filed on Monday by the Denver Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Denver NORML). The group is hoping to place the proposal on this November’s general election ballot.

“Denver residents and visitors alike need places other than private homes to legally and responsibly enjoy legal marijuana with other adults,” says Jordan Person, who serves as Denver NORML’s Executive Director. “This submission to city council is the first step. We’ll get feedback from the city, finalize the language, then start gathering signatures to put it on the ballot”.

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