Idaho Lawmaker: Medical Marijuana a “Farcical Predatory Scheme”

Try telling that to the faces of the millions in our country who benefit from medical marijuana, “Representative” Luke Malek.

Out-of-touch Idaho State Rep. Luke Malek

The statement was made by the Republican state representative while arguing in favor of an anti-marijuana resolution that passed Idaho’s House of Representatives today by a vote of 63-7. The resolution isn’t legally binding, and will have no effect on the laws of Idaho state: It simply makes a ridiculous declaration that Idaho lawmakers are behind the times and firmly oppose legalization, a policy that would bring their state jobs, tax revenue and a decrease in crime. The Senate passed the resolution last month.

Malek’s statement came as a response to Democrat Shirley Ringo, who argued that the resolution sends a negative message to those with terminal illnesses who use marijuana for medical┬áreasons.

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