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Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Approves Marijuana Banking Resolution

In a unanimous 12 – 0 decision the Los Angeles City Council voted today to pass a resolution urging for a change in federal law to allow banks to provide financial services to the legal marijuana industry. Specifically the resolution calls for the passage of the SAFE Banking Act, which would change federal law to …

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LA City Council Votes Unanimously to Make City the Largest in the U.S. with Legal Marijuana Stores

The Los Angeles City Council has approved legislation establishing a regulatory framework for marijuana outlets, which become legal in California next month. The council voted 12 to 0 to approve the regulations, which will soon see the city distributing licenses for marijuana stores. Residential neighborhoods will be mostly off limits under the new rules, with …

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Los Angeles Voters Approve Marijuana Initiative Measure M

Los Angeles Measure M, which advocates call the “world’s most comprehensive legalization measure”, has been overwhelmingly approved by voters. Measure M was approved Tuesday night with 79.4% voting in favor. According to Southern California CoalitionĀ (SCC), who spearheaded the effort, Measure M is “a holistic approach to legalization, which provides Los Angeles City Council with a …

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