The Worlds First Quartz Chamber Dry Herb Vaporizer Has Arrived

The Linx Gaia is the newest member of the Linx Vapor family. Elegant in its design, the Linx Gaia brings true innovation to the cannabis industry.

From its all quartz heating chamber, full temperature variability, innovative Air Insulation system and hybrid heating technology, to its health conscious construction and hide away herb tool, the Linx Gaia stands in a league all its own.

For most people, flavor is one of the more pleasurable aspects when vaporizing cannabis. When you release the incredible flavors locked inside cannabis terpenes, you develop a deeper appreciation for the different cannabis strains. The Linx Gaia artfully utilizes its innovative all quartz heating chamber to maximize the terpene flavor while evenly vaporizing the dry herb within. The glory days of terpene rich cannabis has arrived and the Linx Gaia is the ideal way to experience the best of what nature has to offer.

No matter if you like the sharp, sweet, pine flavor found in Pinene, or you prefer the citrus, lemon, notes found in Limonene, Linx Gaia is the ideal companion when exploring the wonderful world of cannabis terpenes. The thing about Terpenes is they each have different boiling points. The Linx Gaia is equipped with full temperature variability, so finding that sweet spot and releasing those tasty terps has never been easier.

When discussing heating options for vaporizing cannabis, hybrid heating definitely becomes a mainstream option. Conduction heating cooks dry herbs fast but less evenly, while convection heating allows for even heat distribution yet requires larger battery capacity and longer heating times.  Hybrid heating brings the best of both worlds. The result, a clean and delicious vaping session with little to no wasted cannabis.

Furthermore, the Linx Gaia is designed with an innovative air insulation technology. Unlike other dry-herb vaporizers that use synthetic materials to insulate their heating ovens, the Linx Gaia uses 100% air flow to insulate its vaporization process. This unique air insulation design makes Gaia one of the most health conscious dry-herb vaporizers in the market.

In an world dominated by plastic devices, Linx Vapor chooses health over profit. The vapor path of the Linx Gaia is constructed using zero plastics or fibers. In addition, the Gaia utilizes the signature Linx Vapor glass mouthpiece to deliver the cleanest and healthiest vapor possible.

Always losing your dry herb tool? Linx Vapor has got your back. The Linx Gaia comes complete with a magnetic hide away herb tool. You can pull it out to pack or mix your dry herb and tuck it away with out giving it a second thought.

The Linx Gaia is truly the next step in the evolution of dry herb vaporization. Its hard to believe that all of these innovative features come in a unit that costs half the price of other top quality dry herb vaporizers. The Linx Gaia comes in at $159.99. Why wait, order yours today.