Virginia House Votes 98 to 0 to Legalize Hemp

Plants-from-hempYesterday Virginia’s full House of Delegates passed a bill to legalize the cultivation and production of hemp. The vote was a unanimous 98 to 0.

House Bill 699, introduced by Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-Norge), would end the state’s prohibition on industrial hemp farming, while mandating that the Board of Agriculture and Consumer Services “adopt regulations as necessary to license persons to grow and process industrial hemp for any purpose.”

In Virginia, thanks to a law passed last year, cultivating hemp for research purposes is legal; HB 699 would expand this to allow cultivating hemp for commercial and personal purposes.

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Missouri Legislative Committee Votes 10 to 1 to Legalize Hemp

Missouri’s House hemphempEconomic Development and Business Attraction and Retention Committee has voted 10 to 1 to legalize the production and cultivation of industrial hemp through the passage of House Bill 830.

House Bill 830, filed by Representative Paul Curtman, would reclassify cannabis as a legal agricultural product in the state, and would establish a system of licensing and regulations for those wishing to cultivate the crop.

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New Bill Filed in Nebraska to Legalize Hemp

Nebraska State Senator Norman Wallman has introduced a new measure, Legislative Bill 1hemp-harvest001, that would effectively legalize the cultivation and sales of hemp by removing it from the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, where it currently resides as a Schedule 1 drug, classified along with the rest of the cannabis plant. The measure has been referred to the Judiciary Committee of the Nebraska State Legislature, and, having already received its first hearing, awaits receival of a vote.

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New Jersey Senate Committee Approves Hemp Legalization Proposal

The New Jersey Senate Economic Growth Committee has given approval to Senate Bill 3110, a proposal to legalize industrial hemp. hemp1

Under the proposed law, those wanting to cultivate industrial hemp in New Jersey would be authorized to do so once they become licensed with the state. According to advocates, the measure would bring forth numerous jobs to the state, and would allow residents to take part in a rapidly growing industry.

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California Assembly Votes to Legalize Hemp

California’s full Assembly has approved Senate Bill 566, a measure to legalize industrial hemp, which has already been approved by the Senate.hemp The proposal now heads back to the Senate for concurrence, before going to the governor for final consideration.

“Industrial hemp, which is already found in hundreds of consumer products manufactured in our state, is a perfect crop for California”, says Senator Mark Leno, the prime sponsor of the proposal, “It has great potential to revitalize family farms, create new jobs and stimulate the economy.”

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