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Mango Kush Marijuana Strain Overview

With a name like Mango Kush, expectations are high when first consuming this strain; thankfully it delivers. Unsurprisingly, Mango Kush gets its name from its delicious mango flavor and smell; the strain also contains hints of pine, with mix perfectly with the mango flavor. Although this strain typically has a THC percentage that isn’t through …

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OG Kush Marijuana Strain Overview

og kush

OG Kush is one of the most well-known marijuana strains on the market. Here’s a look at why it’s reputation has been so high for so long. OG Kush, with its earthy and often piney flavor, is known the world around. The classic combo of Hindu Kush and Chemdawg is also one of the most …

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Study: Daily Cannabis Use For Chronic Pain Is Safe and Effective

By Paul Armentano, NORML Chronic pain patients who use herbal cannabis daily for one-year report reduced discomfort and increased quality of life compared to controls, and do not experience an increased risk of serious side effects, according to clinical data published online ahead of print in the Journal of Pain. Researchers at McGill University in …

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